Data marketplace powered by Blockchain and the global network of sensors

Datapace is Blockchain powered data marketplace with technical and policy-based data verification, and access to the worldwide network of sensors.


Decentralized Marketplace
for data monetization

Enter the new era of 200$ billion of valuable data

data marketplace powered by blockchain

Datapace offers blockchain powered secure transactions and automated smart contracts to sell and buy data streams. Datapace data marketplace can be used to stream many data from any source, IoT devices, physical assets, autonomous cars, drones, and many more. It enables you to integrate 3rd party data and monetize it through the same marketplace.

How Datapace
data market works

how datapace data market for data monetization works, illustration

The entities submit their data streams.

Datapace storage encrypt and anonymize the access to the submitted data streams.

Buyer acquire the desired data stream through an automated smart contract.

Once the transaction is completed the tokens are distributed among the parties according to agreed prices.


Sensors from the trusted partners are provided with Datapace signature software which proves credibility, validity and source of the streamed data.


Datapace guarantee validity and the value of the streamed data, sent by Datapace trusted partner sensors, other sources of data will need to prove credibility in the Datapace marketplace.


Join Datapace data market, sell trusted data streams or buy trusted worldwide data in a simple click. Use geofencing to filter streams and sources.

Datapace Data market Benefits

smart contract for automated transactions in datapace data marketplace

Smart Contract

 data and data market security provided with the blockchain technology

data security

traceability of data exchange transaction enabled with PBFT consensus-based network


 datastream filtered with interactive geofencing modules


 data market powered by the global network of sensors and telemetry equipped locations,illustration

Global network of sensors

datapace marketplace offer data verification through hardware certification program

Data verification

fast transactions illustration

Fast transactions

low fees micropayments transactions for fair and secure functioning of the data marketplace system


Learn more how Datapace works

Datapace is an marketplace for IoT sensor data. But beyond IoT, Datapace marketplace can be used to sell or buy any type of data, independently of it’s type or provenance. Datapace is distributed and decentralized system based on blockchain.

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Blockchain technology is used for several important purposes in Datapace system:

  • To enable tokenization of value (i.e. provide TAS token) and token economy
  • To insure data integrity (i.e. to store data hashes and guarantee that data is not tampered with)
  • To enable Smart Contract capabilities
  • To provide network security via PBFT consensus and immutability and make the system hack-proof

Core Team

George Saleh

Srategy & Innovation

George has 10+ years of industry experience in Fortune 500s Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent, and NOKIA. Product service management experience in countries on all five continents of the world, including USA, Russia New Zealand, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Israel, Malaysia and China. Several Quality winner, Incubator in the ‘Le Garage Founder of FreeFlex startup workspace management solution. MSc in Electrical Engineering, Computer Networks and Telecommunications. Expert on telecom innovation, specializing in strategy and business development.

Expert on telecom innovation, specializing in strategy and business development.

Drasko Draskovic

Solution Architect

Drasko is an IoT expert with over 15 years of professional experience. He hacked embedded Linux SW and HW device drivers, designing complex wireless systems in telecom industry: he was working on OMAP platform in Texas Instruments, designed 4G multi-protocol femto-cells in Alcatel-Lucent and worked on 5G and blockchain solutions in Nokia. Drasko earned his reputation in open-source community as an author of numerous projects - like WeIO or Mainflux. He is one of the main contributors of the Linux Foundation's EdgeX Foundry project. Drasko is an author of the book "Scalable Architecture for the Internet of Things" published by O'Reilly and vivid conference speaker, sharing his thoughts on modern software design and how Internet should be decentralized. He holds a MSc in Electrical Engineering from Belgrade University.